The Interest In Videography

With the advent of increasing technology, video cameras are found everywhere. There cost and the availability of video editing software has paved many ways in producing high quality video footage. But people should keep this thing in mind that having a cheap quality camera or even a high quality one can’t guarantee you better results in videography. It is an art and it requires practice, consistency and public dealing. People should not trust every other person out there who depicts him or herself as a photographer or a videographer without checking out his past work and his or her experience in the market. Just like painting requires a special skill set with the paintbrush and blank canvas, videography and cinematography demands skill. You can just buy a video camera one day and expect to create a Spielberg’s movie the other day.

Videographer is the raw capturing of a moment starting from the beginning and going all the way to the end. It is non-creative and doesn’t feature any kind of artistry or storytelling. The whole purpose of a videographer is to capture the event from start to end without giving it any further external touch. For videography, a small camera with lower resolution lens is enough while keeping a little tolerance for shots in lower light regions. An example of videography is a typical wedding video shoot where the videographer shots at various angles to produce the best quality video with his mediocre range camera and lights up the stage in the after effects. The video often gets boring mainly because of the inconsistency, same fashioned lights and no change of location during the entire film.

Previously, videography was just shadowed down to owning a camcorder and then shooting with it along with some cool sceneries in order to show it to your friends or family later. There was not much editing and every professional photographers kept a camcorder with him or her at all times to have a little footage evidence of the trip. All those fun moments were recorded in the photographer’s memory card during the road trip. Pair recordings were then just joined together to make it a wide length recording. There have been many improvements since then. Nowadays there are stabilizers to lower down the shaking in camcorders. There are high quality camcorders which can capture FHD and 4K recordings. Many mobile phones nowadays can capture 1080p video at 60 frames per second which is enough for any low budget photographer and videographer. So a phone can do much videography work and it doesn’t even require a high level of production. A 2 person crew will be enough to keep this interest going. Many solo photographers produce much efficient work than teams working together.